Certifications: CHST, OHST, ASP, CSP, MSPH, SMS, PMP, CET

NIT staff have decades of experience working and training all across Alaska, from Bering Sea communities to the North Slope Oil Patch and from Southeast to Interior mines. We’ve worked as safety consultants, safety managers and content developers, delivering required regulatory training or custom designed courses.

Staff experience includes military construction projects; industrial hygiene air-monitoring and noise dosimetry on drilling rigs and aircraft; and primary training provider for entire oil and gas projects.

NIT has evolved into a turnkey solutions provider through our ongoing commitment to a customer focused approach – we will travel to any location, work on any project, and develop any product – striving to give our clients the highest order of deliverables. Let NIT be your clearinghouse for information – ask us first and if we don’t offer it we will help you find a solution.