Pro Truck Driver 360 Hours / TD109

NIT Alaska - Pro Truck Driver 360 hrs
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Program Description

This course is a PTDI Certified program that begins with a CDL permit study session and permit testing. In addition to the classroom instruction, students will apply the techniques explained in the classroom to the driving range and street exercises. Every student will practice all the skills necessary to safely operate a tractor trailer.

Behind the wheel time consists of time spent behind the wheel of a tractor trailer combination applying the driving techniques discussed in the classroom. Student truck drivers learn and master the turning, backing and shifting skills on a large driving range. Once a student driver has gained the experience and confidence of the driving range skills, the student and driving instructor proceed with street training to polish and hone the student's skills in real world situations.

Additional training provided for Driver Finishing will include advanced techniques, city driving and truck routes, and long haul operations. Additional Safety training will include NSTC w/ H2S and 40 Hour HAZWOPER.

  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER. Contact Hours: 32
  • Advanced Operating Practices: Night operation, extreme driving conditions, hazard perception, emergency maneuvers, skid control and recovery and passive railroad crossings. Contact Hours: 23
  • Basic Operation: Orientation, control systems, vehicle inspections, basic control, shifting, backing and docking and coupling / uncoupling. Contact Hours: 84.5
  • CDL Road Skills Exam: State of Alaska certified CDL Road Skills Exam by certified examiner. Contact Hours: 2
  • Driver Finishing. Contact Hours: 74
  • Non-Vehicle Activities: Handling cargo and documenting, environmental issues, hours of service, accident procedures,managing life on the road/personal, trip planning and communication skills. Contact Hours: 43
  • NSTC w/ H2S. Contact Hours: 8
  • OSHA Forklift Safety and discretionary hours. Contact Hours: 15
  • Safe Operating Practices for Basic Operation: Visual search, vehicle communication, speed management and space management. Contact Hours: 72.5
  • Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions: I.D. and maintenance, and diagnosing and reporting. Contact Hours: 6
Certifications or Certificates

Graduates who successfully complete the course have the opportunity to earn the following certifications or certificates.

  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER
  • Entry Level Driver Qualification
  • NIT Certificate of Completion
  • NSTC w/H2S
  • OSHA Forklift Safety
  • PTDI Certificate of Attainment
  • State of Alaska Commercial Driver's License
Length of Program
  • 360 Hours (Homework Required)
Format of Program
  • Format may vary. Please contact the office for most up-to-date schedule. 
Prerequisites for Enrollment
  • 19 Years of Age or Older by Graduation Date
  • DMV Driver's History Report
  • DOT Physical Card
  • FMCSA/DOT Drug Test (If accepted, test can be done no more than 10 days before class begins)
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Alaska Driver's License
DMV License / Endorsement Fees
  • DMV - CDL License Fee $100 (paid to State of Alaska)
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