Professional Truck Driving Programs

NIT Alaska Professional Truck Driving Programs


NIT offers a wide variety of Truck Driving Training Programs in Alaska, and all programs are designed to meet the needs of students and employers. All of our truck driving programs are centered around a hands-on learning approach. We believe it is important to give each student real-world training for Class A or Class B CDL licenses, to better prepare them for the truck driving industry. 

Students practice their truck driving skills on school grounds to insure that each student thoroughly understands the training material and that they are confident in their truck driving abilities. Emphasis is placed on safety, on a thorough understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules and Regulations in the operation of heavy-duty tractor/trailer equipment, and on defensive driving techniques necessary in developing skill levels required to pass the Commercial Driver's License examination.

Programs Available for Professional Truck Driving:

Location of Training

TD109, TD108, and TD107 are all offered year-round at the main campus in Palmer, Alaska. Additionally, the TD107 program is also offered at the JBER extension campus.