Elite Combo / COMBO507

NIT Alaska - Elite Combo Training Program in Alaska
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Anchorage, AK
3700 Centerpoint Dr, Suite 102
Palmer, AK
1740 N. Terrilou Ct.
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Program Description

Students receive training in both commercial truck driving and heavy equipment operations. Training equipment includes but is not limited to: Class A and B commercial trucks and trailers. Heavy Equipment training equipment is typically excavator, dozer, skid steer, loader and/or backhoe. Training consists of both classroom and outside lab instruction. Classroom instruction will provide students with a solid knowledge base of the safety requirements and operating procedures. Lab instruction moves students to equipment where they have contact hours with the vehicle or equipment.

This program provides training for code quality welding on plate, in all positions. An introduction is given into many different codes, specifications, and industrial standards within the industry. Students will be prepared for entry-level construction work, job shops and other entry-level positions. Plasma Arc Cutting, Carbon Arc Gouging, Oxy-fuel Cutting-Gouge, and Base Metal preparation methods are covered in the program. Students will be instructed in the technically proficient method of completing a welder qualification test, under AWS code.

PTD/CET Curriculum
  • Behind-the-Wheel Hours: Hands-on equipment and vehicle training, to include road time, driving range exercises, city driving, highway driving, defensive driving and pre-trip inspections, airbrakes, backing maneuvers and coupling/uncoupling. Contact Hours: 118
  • CDL Road Skills Exam: Contact Hours: 2
  • Classroom: Orientation, CDL written exam preparation, DMV written testing and permitting and driver's qualifications. Contact Hours: 40
  • Heavy Equipment Classroom: Orientation, Equipment Overview, Safety, Tests and Videos. Contact Hours: 40
  • Heavy Equipment Operation: Preventative maintenance/servicing, equipment field operations, grade staking and grade checking. Contact Hours: 120
Welding Curriculum
  • Base Metal Preparation. Contact Hours: 30
  • Bead and Fillet Welds. Contact Hours: 60
  • Carbon Arc Gouging. Contact Hours: 3
  • Groove Welds With and With-out Backing. Contact Hours: 69
  • Oxy-fuel Cutting/Gouging. Contact Hours: 57
  • Plasma Arc Cutting. Contact Hours: 3
  • Safety. Contact Hours: 20 Hours
  • Weld Quality. Contact Hours: 24
  • Welder Performance Qualification Test. Contact Hours: 12
  • Welding Symbols, Blueprints for Welders and Fitters. Contact Hours: 42
Certifications or Certificates

Graduates who successfully complete the course have the opportunity to earn the following certifications or certificates.

  • 3G & 4G SMAW limited or unlimited thickness
  • Entry Level Driver Qualification
  • Individual Heavy Equipment Certifications (Excavator, Dozer, Skid Steer, Loader, and/or Backhoe) (*Equipment pieces subject to substitution.)
  • NIT Certificate of Completion
  • State of Alaska Commercial Drivers License
Length of Program
  • 640 Hours (Homework Required)
Format of Program
  • Format may vary. Please contact the office for most up-to-date schedule. 
Prerequisites for Enrollment
  • 19 Years of Age or Older by Graduation Date
  • DMV Driver's History Report
  • DOT Physical Card
  • FMCSA/DOT Drug Test (If accepted, test can be done no more than 10 days before class begins)
  • Leather Steel Toed Boots meeting ANSI Standard 2413
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Alaska Driver's License
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