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Classroom Theory Training

By learning effective thinking skills, drivers are able to shift attitudinal gears, take responsibility for their emotional reactions while driving, choose positive actions to avoid confrontation, and stay safe and out of harm's way.

Practical Driver Training

Recognize and understand the RISK, know the DEFENSE and ACT is the key process in accident and incident avoidance. Preventable incidents occur when drivers fail to practice this.

Identifying and managing risk while driving is critical to accident avoidance. This program targets the most common risks drivers take that can result in incidents and the underlying factors that may encourage drivers to take these chances.

Winter Driving Emphasis

Winter Driving Fundamentals explores the main risks associated with winter driving and offer simple solutions on how to reduce winter driving risk. This course introduces the six conditions that affect winter driving, traction and control, and the 3 elements of control.

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Course Cost:

  • Thinking Driver: Classroom Theory: $140
  • Thinking Driver Bundle: Classroom Theory, Driving Practical and Winter Emphasis: $320

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