Long Combination Vehicles Course / TD111

NIT Alaska - Long Combination Vehicles course in Alaska
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Course Description

This long combination vehicle (tandem training) course is a graduated training program for the experienced professional driver with a Class A license.

This training provides the opportunity for an experienced driver who possesses a CDL A to get the additional skills to pull more than one trailer (doubles). This certification meets the FMCSA requirements. This is a 40-hour course.

  • Section 1: Orientation, LCVs in Trucking, Regulatory Factors, Driver Qualifications, Vehicle Configuration Factors
  • Section 2: Basic Operation Inspection, Coupling and Uncoupling, Basic Maneuvers, Turning, Steering and Tracking Proficiency Development
  • Section 3: Safe Operating Practices, Interacting with Traffic, Speed and Space Management, Night Operations, Extreme Driving Conditions, Security Issues, Proficiency Development
  • Section 4: Advanced Operations, Hazard Perception, Hazardous Situations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Section 5: Non-Driving Activities, Routes and Trip Planning, Cargo and Weight Considerations
  • Section 6: Range and Street Driving: Basic maneuvers, Coupling and Uncoupling, Over the Road Trip on Alaskan Highways
Certifications or Certificates
  • Upon successful completion, students have the opportunity to obtain an FMCSA Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver Training Certificate
Length of Program
  • 40 Hours
Format of Program
  • 1 week, minimum of 2 students
  • 19 Years of Age or Older
  • DOT Physical
  • Experienced Driver
  • Valid CDL A for most current 6 months - Must provide a letter from employer
Upcoming Courses

This course is booked off a waitlist. 2 person minimum to be scheduled. Contact our office for availability.

Course Cost: $2,500