Training Coordination and Logistics

One of the first steps in hiring new employees is to provide them with job orientation and training. This is essential to ensuring these new hires have the information and processes they need to accomplish their tasks in a seamless manner. It is equally important to your existing workforce, since these employees cannot spend all of their time trying to train new workers. However, training is not regimented for new hires alone. Ongoing workforce training is paramount to ensuring your employees understand how to tackle new projects, work with the latest technology, and stay abreast to changes in the industry.

Safety Training

Depending on your workplace you may require ongoing safety training to protect your workers from undue damage. At the same time, safety concerns and regulations are constantly evolving. Therefore, to be able to keep up with the latest safety rules in your industry, you must provide workers with regular safety training opportunities. The issue lies in being able to keep up with the newest methods of safety training, along with government regulations.

Finding a Training Facilitator

Training for new hires, as well as safety training, is a costly endeavor. You must have the facilities and technology to provide these training sessions. While lecturing is one way to provide training, there are innovative processes that involve computerized training, online training, and video training. If you want to avoid the cost of hiring an in-house training provider, as well as the expense of hosting training in your office and ongoing updates to modern training technologies, let us assist you.

Training Coordination and Logistics at Northern Industrial Training

Here at Northern Industrial Training we offer comprehensive training coordination and logistics. We provide everything needed for your specific training sessions. For example, if you need to train your employees regarding the latest OSHA safety regulation, we provide the training program and location. This involves our third-party vendor coordination in which we outsource the best training facilitators for your training needs. We also handle the logistics of setting the time and date that works best for your employees.

Here are the categories of training coordination and logistics we provide for you:

   •    Scheduling and calendar maintenance

   •    Enrollment management

   •    Instructor/student travel arrangements

   •    Shipping equipment and course material

   •    Security clearance and visitor access

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