Employment Preparation Training

In order to secure your position in a corporate job, you have to start at the same place as all of your colleagues—with your resume. This provides prospective employees with a first impression, as well as a detailed work history. Your resume creates an impact that will get you through to the interview process. However, most employees lack the basic skills needed to write a professional and effective resume. From there they are ill prepared to handle a job interview that can secure their career. Let us assist you in employment preparation training in Alaska with resume writing and interview preparation training.

Resume Writing Skills

A resume is more than just a piece of paper with your work history listed on it. It is the first impression you make with a potential employer. Your resume should be thorough and include accurate information free of typos and grammatical mistakes. It must always be typed out and printed off on a medium to heavy weight of paper, which you can find in stationary and office supply stores. More importantly, your resume must be tailored to show your best assets for the job that you are currently applying to. This means that a resume for a job as a truck driver will differ from a resume for a job as an office worker. The key here is to highlight your work experiences and skills as they pertain to the job you are trying to get. Your mission statement will also change according to the industry you want to work in. Does this all sound very unfamiliar? If so, we can train you to create a resume that meets these expectations when you attend our resume writing training course.

Preparing for a Job Interview

Once you have submitted a well written resume and it has passed you on through the next step in the job application process, it is time to prepare for your interview. You will need to find a professional outfit in business-friendly attire. You should take care to prepare the rest of your presentation, from your outer appearance to how you are going to answer those interview questions. Typical interview questions are open-ended, meaning that the interviewer wants to hear more than a yes or no answer. You will need to expand your answers to give a more thoughtful response to every question. This is important as it shows your abilities to think on your feet. However, the interviewer is also listening intently to your responses to see if you provide any underlying information, such as using the right lingo for the industry or being professional. It is your final chance, in most instances, to make a solid impression on your employer, so you want to do the best you can. This is where job interview preparation can be a great asset. Here at Northern Industrial Training in Alaska we will work with you to develop the skills needed to have a stellar interview for your next job opportunity.

Receive Resume Writing and Interview Prep in Alaska

If you struggle with resume writing or interview preparation, let us help. Here at Northern Industrial Training, LLC we offer professional corporate training. Our goal is to prepare you fully for your next job by giving you the tools needed to get off on the right foot. Contact our office to schedule a visit to one of our campuses in Palmer, Anchorage or Jber, Alaska.