Training Related Expenses for ‚ÄčNorthern Industrial Training

Out of area students are responsible for making their own airline travel arrangements, shuttle to/from Anchorage airport and lodging accommodations. Budget Estimates can be provided by request after submitting an application.


Northern Industrial Training accepts the Alaska Student Loan (for programs 6 weeks in length or longer), Native Corporation and Village Council funding and scholarships, State of Alaska programs (WIA and DVR) and Department of Veteran Affairs. We have a Tuition Payment Plan offered through NIT that students can apply for.

Airport Transportation

  • L n L Valley Cab - (907) 357-8294

DOT Physicals - (Cost varies depending on where you have this done.)

  • Palmer - CDL Alaska Wellness, 564 S Denali St - Ph: (907) 414-5840

DOT Physical cards (Medical Examiners Certificate) must be obtained by Medical Examiners that are on the FMCSA National Registry for the certificate to be valid as of May 21, 2014. This registry can be viewed at

DOT Physical cards (Medical Examiners Certificate) must have an expiration date written on them from the physician. The DOT physical card will not be valid unless it has an expiration date. When making an appointment be sure and specify a DOT physical, as the physician must have the correct DOT physical exam forms/cards.

Drug Tests

Drug test results must be released directly to Northern Industrial Training, LLC. The test date cannot be more than 10 days prior to the start of class. Please bring the receipt with you on your first day of class.

  • Palmer - CDL Alaska Wellness, 564 S Denali St - Ph: (907) 414-5840
  • Wasilla - Valley Phlebotomy, 951 E Bogard Rd - Ph: (907) 376-6435
  • Anchorage - Worksafe (Beacon), 300 West 36th Ave., Suite A - Ph: (907) 563-8378
  • Soldotna - VIP Alaska, 43530 K. Beach Rd, Ste 4 - Ph: (907) 260-6599

Additional facilities may be used. They must fax the results directly to NIT.If you do not have access to these services and are unable to take a drug test prior to the start of your program, you will be required to have this done during the first two days of class. Please make arrangements with the NIT staff to have an appointment made during the first two days of class.

Failure to pass a fitness physical or FMCSA/DOT drug test will result in removal from the program.


Daily Transportation to and from class = $16.00 per day. If needed, NIT will make travel arrangements to and from the Valley Hotel to the training site(s) in the morning before class and in the evening after class for the scheduled training days. Prior arrangements must be made with NIT if you will need transportation.