Transfer of Credit

ACCEPTANCE AND TRANSFER OF CREDITS: Northern Industrial Training cannot guarantee that credits are transferable.  The transfer of credits is at the discretion of the receiving school and depends on the comparability of curriculum, accreditation and/or education credits for the purpose of shortening program time.  Each NIT training program requires a minimum number of hours and is strictly adhered to.

CREDIT FOR PREVIOUS TRAINING OR WORK EXPERIENCE:  Appropriate previous training and work experience will be evaluated during a student’s admissions interview for programs four weeks long or longer.  At that time the school and the student will agree on the programs that need to be completed. Credit for experience or training is not applied to hours required for training, but taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate program. Evaluating a student’s credit will allow NIT to properly place the student into the correct level of the selected program. All programs require a minimum number of hours and is strictly adhered.