Class Add/Drop Policy for Northern Industrial Training

Students are allowed to add or drop classes prior to the start of class for a full refund. If students choose to do so, they may apply their tuition toward an alternate class. If withdrawals are made after the start of class, then the tuition refund policy must be observed. A $75 non-refundable enrollment fee may be deducted from refunds.

Re-Entrance Policy for ​Northern Industrial Training

It is Northern Industrial Training (NIT’s) policy that there will be no re-entrance to a training course for a student dismissed for unsatisfactory progress. The refund policy will apply.

If the student chooses to re-enter one of NIT’s programs in another scheduled class, and the student corrects the area(s) in which they were deficient, they must submit a written request for admission to the Director of Admissions and/or CEO of NIT for approval. If approval is granted the student shall provide the published tuition and associated fees for the program.